Let's Roll. Free Soul.  We took a big leap in creating the "Let's Roll. Free Soul." campaign for The New Central Kia.  First let's give away a free Kia Soul and get customers in the door every month.  Now, to target a younger audience and to take the road less traveled, we removed all photography and scenery photos and replaced them with comic illustrations with dynamic styles and angles.
Concept Sketches:  Let's put it on paper first.  Let the mind run wild and the ideas flow free and good things will happen.  Pencil sketches ... to black ink ... with comic style headers and crazy text sound effects.  Can you say onomatopoeia?
Let's Roll. Free Soul. Billboard:  For the outdoor billboard let's keep it simple and eye-catching with the large red Kia Soul and the hero headline, "Let's Roll. Free Soul." with comic captions for the subhead and URL.  Yellow and red worked the best for a simple two-color scheme.  How often do you see a comic strip on a billboard on your morning commute?
Poster:  For the in-store P.O.P. we created 3 foot by 4 foot posters.  We brought the same design from the streets to the dealership.  We added the "Get Lucky and Win!" and "Ask Dealer for Details." captions to give it more of a comic page look and feel.  The goal is to get customers excited as they walk into the dealership by drawing their eyes to the over-sized comics in the showroom.
Entry Box & Entry Forms:  Customers would register to win the Free Soul by dropping entry forms in the entry boxes at the dealership.  The entry box captions read, "Get Lucky!" and "Enter to WIN!"  The entry forms took on the old-school comic look of black and white line art only.
TV Storyboard:  For TV let's think comic book scenes with motion and sound effects.  Enter the screeching Kia Soul followed by a brand new Soul on showcase at the dealership.  Customers can enter for your chance to win as they check out the amazing deals of the month at The New Central Kia.  Viewers would experience the TV spot as an all illustrated comic book-like commercial edited in high definition for your viewing pleasure.
Website Pages:  From a comic website promo on the home page, to a Let's Roll. Free Soul. website page, we brought the illustrations online.  The page explains to visitors how to enter to win the Free Soul by stopping by The New Central Kia.  The page also displays the actual photo of the Kia Soul for those who still have a taste for realism before entering for a chance to win.  Check it out at: thenewcentralkia.com/kia-giveaway.htm >
Web Banners:  We even used comics to draw traffic to the website.  Comic strips work perfectly for web banners.  Most comic books are filled with different sizes and shapes for the scenes, so multiple size web banners easily break through the clutter of typical car web banners online.  Who wouldn't click a comic strip just to see what's on the other side of the web banner?