Holt FIAT:  We took a bold approach to branding Holt FIAT to help bring a new Italian style to minds of more car buyers.  Think bold, think in-your-face, think edgy, think Holt.  With a new bold logo and even bolder advertising and design style that stands out from typical dealer ads, the new look of Holt got the attention of more than just a few car buyers.
Holt Logo:  With a thick bold font housed inside a heavy sharp "H", polished chrome edges, and a heavy oval shape, we gave Holt's new logo an in-your-face look that stands as strong on its own as it does on websites, web banners, magazine ads, and more.  The logo also compliments FIAT's polished chrome logo with a spherical design, glare highlights, and warm red, black, and silver color scheme.
Holt FIAT Landing Page Website:  Now let's make a landing page website that's both bold and fresh.  Let's park the FIAT® 500 in front of a nice concrete wall and have a cool artist paint a mural backdrop for the design of the landing page.  Then with two clicks, visitors can jump to Holt FIAT in Hurst or Holt FIAT Fort Worth.  Check it out at holtfiat.com >
Holt FIAT Web Banners:  To draw traffic to the website we created some eye-catching web banners.  With the "Find your perfect mach." campaign, we drew visitors by showing the sexy side of FIAT®.  It attracted visitors with a touch of red silk and an attractive model dressed in black posing next to the FIAT® 500.
Holt FIAT e-Mail Blast:  To showcase the FIAT® 500 and the FIAT® 500 by Gucci, we created an e-mail blast with a split design to send out to potential car buyers.  The red, black, and yellow "Find your perfect match." campaign tied in perfectly with the "Gucci" red, green, and black campaign.  It all came together with the two locations and center Holt logo.  Two attractive models at two convenient locations are a must click for an e-mail blast.
Holt FIAT Magazine Ad:  For the magazine ad we went with a clean design with Polaroid photos on a fun FIAT® 500 photo.  To give the customer the feeling of being free and without bounds, we let the red balloon rise slightly outside of the photo space.  This was a refreshingly different style for an automotive dealership magazine ad.
Holt FIAT "Campania Pizza" Menu Insert:  When Holt FIAT teamed up with Campania Pizza we brought "Two Italian Classics" together to make "One Spicy Combination".  Customers could take a test drive at Holt FIAT and receive a $15 Campania Pizza gift card.  This was a perfect way to bring Italian style to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
Holt FIAT Program Ad:  Holt FIAT proudly supports Arlington Heights High School with a "Go Yellow Jackets" program ad.  The yellow and black cheerleader uniforms worked great next to the black FIAT® 500.  We let the Yellow Jackets bee logo fly high above the ad with the ripped paper revealing the honeycomb behind the ad.