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Don’t You Wish You Had A News Buy Right About Now?
Well, Icemaggedon has officially hit the DFW metroplex, and of course we will all behave in typical Dallas fashion.  We’ve gone to the grocery store, stocked up on bread, milk, and bottled water (those 3 staples that go so well together.  Can’t wait to dip my bread in some milk!)  

Icy Weather in Dallas Texas caused groceries to run low on supplies, especially bread.

We’ve searched hardware stores endlessly for the salt, so we can safely get out of the driveway… but wait, what happens when we moronically try to drive on the actual road?

Vampire Media is sucking the life out of TV

 I went to visit my daughter and son-in-law at their new house a couple of weeks ago.  It doesn’t have much furniture yet which was to be expected.  But I noticed they didn’t have a TV and I thought that would be a great Xmas present.  I mentioned it to them and they retorted “we don’t want a TV. We don’t watch TV.” 

They began to explain how they set up a projector through their computers and watch via other video sources.  As an advertiser, I’ve been hearing that TV was dying for some time and started a mini research project.  And what I found doesn’t bode well for TV in general and Cable in particular...

Damme Volvo!

Volvo and Jean-Claude Van Damme have gotten together to discuss the stability and precision of Volvo Dynamic Steering in their latest spot.

Van Damme and Jan-Inge Svesson, a Volvo Truck Technician, discuss the stunt that will be preformed. Two 540 horse power Volvo Trucks will drive backward as Van Damme stands on the side mirrors of each truck. As the trucks move backward, they slowly separate, guiding Van Damme to perform one of his famous splits.

When to Push the Envelope

Have you seen the new Kmart commercial?  Actually, first, could you imagine someone even asking that a year ago?  I would have probably said, “Wait  - Kmart is still in business?”  But due to some edgy and very creative marketing, Kmart has actually been back in the news for their ads.  Love them or hate them, those ads are getting people’s attention.  And that is just what Kmart needed.  With competition from Target, Walmart and a slew of online competitors, Kmart was quickly becoming obsolete.  Now?  I actually want to shop there.  They seem “cool” again... 

Political Windows?

One of the first things I learned in advertising was to despise the dreaded Political Window.  When I started in the industry, CNN was still in its infancy and Fox News Channel hadn’t yet been conceived.  Ah, those were the simpler times.  You see, way back when, our political windows were easy to predict.  As buyers and sellers, we knew that...

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